C4 Prayer

How can we pray for you? You may submit your prayer requests here and our team will pray. Prayer@corvallis4.org

2018  Prayer points:

1.Prayer for boldness in believers.
2.Prayer for evangelistic anointing to increase in your city.
3.Prayer for apostolic breakthrough believers to increase.
4.Prayer for the prophetic to increase in your region.
5.Prayer for deliverance to increase in your region.
6.Prayer for the government of your region.
7.Prayer for witchcraft and sorcery to be destroyed.
8.Prayer for land and property to be released.
9.Prayer for strife and division to be destroyed.
10.Prayer for marriages.
11.Prayer for the unmarried.
12.Prayer for revival in schools and colleges.
13.Prayer violence and death to be restrained.
14.Prayer against poverty and lack.
15.Prayer against gang violence and drug addiction.
16.Prayer against foreclosures and property loss.
17.Prayer for against terrorism.
18.Prayer against weather disasters.
19.Prayer against mass shootings.
20.Prayer against corruption and theft.
21.Prayer against mental illness.
22.Prayer for transportation systems.
23.Prayer against excessive taxation.
24.Prayer against false ministries in your region.
25.Prayer for truth to be the native language.
26.Prayer for ungodly laws to be stopped and overturned.
27.Prayer for the wicked to be exposed.
28.Prayer against witches and the occult.
29.Prayer for an increase of wisdom.
30.Prayer for the fear of the Lord to come into the region.
31.Prayer for economic growth in your region.
32.Prayer for government.
33.Prayer for housing to increase.
34.Prayer against racism and injustice.
35.Prayer against false religions and temples.
36.Prayer for widows.
37.Prayer for the elderly.
38.Prayer against abortion and murder.
39.Prayer against teen pregnancy and illegitimacy.
40.Prayer for inner cities to be rebuilt.
41.Prayer for people incarcerated.
42.Prayer for emerging ministries
43.Prayer for christian bookstores and businesses.
44.Prayer for police and fire departments.
45.Prayer for military.
46.Prayer for hospitals and nursing homes.
47.Prayer against sexual abuse.
48.Prayer for employment to continue to rise.
49.Prayer for immigration issues.
50.Prayer for Jesus to be glorified.